Wyld Moon Crew NFT Mint Process

Wyld Moon Crew NFT
2 min readMar 24, 2022


A preview of the many faces of the Wyld Moon Crew

We’ve had a few people ask us to clarify our mint process, and we are excited to do so. We have put a lot of thought and effort into planning this launch in a way that is not only fair to our earliest supporters, but also rewarding!

3 Phase Mint

Minting itself will take part in 3 phases:

  • Original Crew (OC) Mint: Starting Sunday, March 27th, anyone who has claimed their OC Role on our Discord will have 24 hours to mint at .04 ETH. First 500 people to join our Discord will get OC Role automatically — no grinding required!
  • Pre-sale: Once the 24 hour OC mint has concluded, we will switch to a 24 hour public pre-sale at .06 ETH.

Public Mint: Once the pre-sale ends, we go to Public Mint at the final mint price of .07 ETH!

Art Reveal

Art will remain unrevealed until:

  • 24 hours after Public Mint Starts
  • 24 hours after sell-out

(whichever comes first)

Referral Program

We’re rolling out an incredible referral program for this mint. Anyone who mints a WMC NFT will be able to grab a personalized referral link. For every 2 mints you refer, you will be automatically dropped an additional WMC NFT absolutely free.

This is why we aren’t worried about maxing out our Discord with tons of fake accounts and activity — we WANT this to grow organically, and we’re doing everything we can to make that possible!



Wyld Moon Crew NFT

NFTs being used to support our local community and reward our virtual community!